Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two Days in a Row

I have made my Trip to the Mailbox successfully for two days in a row now!  I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Thank you for for your company.


  1. That is so awesome, congratulations!

    In the same vein, though on a different level: For the past 10 -12 years I've hidden myself away, avoiding people except for work and a couple of casual friends.

    Then two weekends ago I just went to the nearby church I sometimes attend, to help out with their spring brush clean up. Such an innocuous thing, right? People do that every day, connect with humans face-to-face without thinking about it. But for me it was something else. It was like a part of me was removed from myself, if that makes sense, watching myself do this without hesitation. I don't know why now, after all these years.

    Then last Sunday I signed up for any other gardening or yard work that they might need, if I'm available. Again, something simple...but not simple if you really knew me and knew how I lived my life, keeping everyone at a distance and inviting no one except the cats in.

    So I hope you continue to have these breakthroughs! Celebrate them, no matter how small or seemingly "ordinary" they might seem to anyone who doesn't understand.

    Lots of hugs...and purrs from the boys.

  2. that is fantastic!! I need to start doing the same, I am NOT kidding! I am in for days on end working on blogs/email etc. It isn't right.

  3. Whoa! Did you go out in the rain? Did you get any mail? I got a package today.


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