Sunday, October 9, 2011

ROW80 First Check-In October 9, 2011

If you are looking for my #REN3 Part 1 Post - The's at this link. Thank you :-)

I am new to the Round of Words in 80 Days. And I'm actually going to make it in just under the wire for today's Sunday check-in post. But, I really want to get started on this. Sooooo, my goal - Initially, at least - for the next >80 days:

・To write 1000 words a day which can be split up in my personal Journal, blog posts, and stories. Along with that, is the goal to post something to my blogs, Writings, and Nameless Series, each week.

I like to keep my bloggy-type stuff here. My actual written pieces I keep on WordPress and have links to them at the bottom of this blog. I just seem to do better (at least organizationally) keeping them clearly separate.

Well, it's a starting place anyway.
Thank you.


  1. Good luck. Hope you do well at achieving your goals. I'll try to check back periodically and see how you're doing!

  2. welcome - hope you find the group as much fun and use as I have over the year - great folk up here

    Thanks for your comments it seems i touched a nerve on the lurking bit - I too am trying to do better

    all the best for coming week

  3. Welcome to ROW80! As Alberta said, it is a great group of supportive folk here.

    I like the flexibility of your goals, which realize that writing is writing, no matter where it occurs.

    I have a ROW80 check-in blog ( in addition to my writing blog. There are a few ROWers who do that, so you are not unusual.

    Again, welcome! I look forward to getting to know you this round!

  4. Welcome to ROW80! Those are good, solid goals. I wish you success. :)

  5. Would you like to pair up for some ROW support? I would be glad to touch base with you weekly. You can check out my ROW80 goals at

    Have a great day!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada

  6. Welcome to ROW80! Love the cute photo in your blog header :-)

  7. I saw that you were looking for buddies... I would love to have a buddy for mutual support and encouragement too. :-)

    Feel free to email me. My link button is on my blog in the upper right hand corner, under "Follow/Contact Me".

    Hope to hear from you soon! :-)

  8. Hi there!! I am new to ROW80 as well and was curious if you are still looking for a writing buddy.

    You can find me on twitter at @juliejordanscot ~ Would love to support your process!


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