Thursday, August 4, 2011

117F Degrees – Really.


NaBloPoMo Post Number 3 for Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today’s Prompt:  Have you ever wished you could enter a book?

Yes, yes, I have – today especially.  When I first thought about my answer to this prompt, I pictured the pond/lake across from Inspector Banks’ home (author, Peter Robison) and joining him on the rock wall with a glass of Scotch.  But now, I’m opting for anything set in…Alaska, the North Pole, Iceland…

Today at 4:00PM. it was 117F degrees here.  I kid you not, 111F degrees actual temperature, but the real feel heat index… 117F degrees:

Photo Aug 04, 4 53 18 AM

At 10 minutes till 8:00PM, it was still 110F degrees!

Photo Aug 04, 4 54 52 AM

So… the Arctic, the Moon, Siberia…


  1. Head to the west coast...I hear it's chilly in Seattle this summer (from one of the CB bloggers...Bryan's Cats, perhaps).

    Seriously, we all hope you get a break in the heat soon...That kind of heat is not fit for anyone to live in. We had that rough spell in July, and temps are going up again this weekend, but not to over 100F again...I hope.

  2. Oh I hope it gets cooler for you very soon. WE are experiencing that type of heat as well!

  3. We've had a few 110 heat index days, too. It's amazing what 96F and 100% humidity can do!

  4. This post hurt to read. I hate hot weather! And what you're enduring goes beyond hot. Here's hoping you get some relief.

  5. It's funny to me that your north of me but it's hotter there. Maybe because of all the rain we're getting?


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