Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Word Wednesday–Number 6


Three Word Wednesday CCXLIX

This week’s words:  Indecision, Option, Fate

For whatever reason, I just do not have a Three Word in me this week.  But, my son did.  He wrote it, all I did was a little editing.  We’d enjoy knowing what you think of our offering for this week.  We are glad you came to have a look and appreciate your time.


Executive Thinking

PresPodium“Mr. President, we’re broadcasting in five minutes.”

“Alright, thank you, General,” the President answered.

As the president stood waiting, he contemplated what he was about to tell his staff and all the people listening around the globe. He tried to decide what he was feeling. Maybe it was the heat from all the lights unsettling him, ‘putting him off’ as they say. No, he thought, that probably wasn’t it. He told himself, ‘I have made hundreds of speeches like is.’ He looked over at the people gathered nearest to him. He wondered if perhaps it was the glare from all the brass on the general’s uniform that made him uncomfortable. He had never noticed how annoying all that actually was. The President straightened his tie. The press corps looked, constantly, for even the slightest flaw to pick apart. He wondered if any of them would notice a sign or clue of the dialogue he was having with himself, his inner argument. He could not afford a feeling of indecision, not now. There was no room for it, not with all the advisors he had.

“Three minutes, Mr. President,” said an aide.

“Yes, thank you,” the President answered with a nod. He continued, with his thoughts turning over in his head, to gaze around the room at all the people gathered to hear what he had to say. Mentally, he ran through all the plans laid out by his various advisors. He thought about the path he was about to lead his Nation down. This path, based on the assurance of these people in suits and uniforms, was the Best Option.

He wondered to himself about the effects his decision will have later, on people ten or, who knew, maybe a hundred years from now. He held wondered and worried thoughts for whose and how many lives his decisions would touch. All without showing a bit of it on his face. No food for the press sharks here.

‘Who am I, in this great Nation and among all those abroad, to twist, to manipulate and have power over the fate of so many people?’ he asked himself.

‘Well,’ he confidently reminded himself, ‘this is what I was put in office to do. I am supposed to lead these people.’

“Thirty seconds Mr. President,” an Aide whispered.


  1. Well that certainly draws one in, and sets up nervous expectations of - what? I do hope you will let us all know what the announcement will be; but then again, perhaps it does work better if you leave us all guessing. Very well written!

  2. You and your son make a fine writing team..the title..the chain of thought..very real..I could imagine any world leader having these thoughts behind the curtain..and what indeed are they about to announce..Jae

  3. your son is extremely talented must have inherited it.:) great story left me wanting more


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