Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three Word Wednesday CCXLVII

3wordwednesdayMy Three Word Wednesday, Number 4
This week's words:
Bump; noun: A light blow or a jolting collision; a protuberance on a level surface; verb: Knock or run into someone or something or meet by chance; move or travel with much jolting and jarring.
Knuckle; noun: A part of the finger at a joint where the bone is near the surface; verb: Rub or press (something, especially the eyes) with the knuckles.
Transfix; verb: (Usually transfixed) cause someone to become motionless with horror, wonder or astonishment; pierce with a sharp implement or weapon.

For a moment, we both stood there staring stupidly, transfixed.  Our minds unable to comprehend what our eyes were trying to tell our brains was happening.  Then Dennis’ foot started tapping very fast on the ground.  I heard an odd moan-like wail come from him that I never would have thought it possible for him to make.

“Get the keys!”  He growled at me through clenched teeth.

Quick as I could, I thrust my hand into his pocket trying to fish them out.  It was hard, the way he was kind of twisted.  His bouncing leg did not help any at all.  “Stop!”  I told him.  “I can’t reach them with you all over the place.”

He tried to stand more still.  I heard another strange noise come from him.  I wondered if it was the sound of his teeth breaking, he was gritting them so hard.  I could feel the keys just at my finger tips.  I glanced up, my eyes followed along the edge of the car door.  I didn’t mean to bump it.  It didn’t even seem a big thing.  I didn’t mean for it to close.  But it had, and just enough for the lock to catch.  For the car door to catch, to catch his hand in it.  It was an accident.  I had no doubt he knew that.  It just did not matter all that much right now.

I drug the keys out of his pocket.  My hands were shaking so bad, it took me a couple of jabs before I could get the key into the door lock.  I turned it, the car door swung open, finally.  Finally, his had was released from where it had gotten trapped.  We both just stared at it.  Dennis began making a sort of high pitched, undulating, “oooooooooooo” sound.

His fingers were definitely going to be a bit bruised.  But, oh wow, that one knuckle, it looked squished.


  1. love it,
    beautiful application of the three words.

  2. An intense and painful situation... poor Denise!

  3. What an original use of the prompt. Very intense and the emotions just telegraphed in this piece. Great job!

  4. Ouch, I think he'll have more than a bruise.

  5. poor guy that sounds ouchy. Great story .I love your descriptions

  6. Excellent Kwee - just excellent. So well described. I could really feel for Dennis. My thumb was once shut into the hinge side of a train carriage door, as the train was pulling away from the station.
    I had to bear it until the next station before I could risk opening the door.

  7. Altonian! Oh my Lord! I hope it was not far to the next station! I cannot imagine doing that. It must have been very painful. And, I'm afraid I would have had a bit of a complex about train doors afterwards.

  8. Yes, a neat scene..I thought at first pregnant woman getting to hospital..then I realised Dennis..was well, a Dennis..whatever..the tension and discomfort were palpable..Jae

  9. Yes, this had great tension. Had to read it twice to let it all sink in. Well done.

  10. Once I got the end of it, I started one fit of laughing LMAO!!!!
    This sounds like something I would do to the hubby (totally by accident, of course)
    Too funny!!! (Yes, I'm sick like that:))

    @Altonian, OUCH!!!


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