Saturday, June 4, 2011


So... my son takes my pick up and goes to the video game store - first. Then to pick up some luch after. Okay, I'm cool. We understood, I'd munch on the roast beef in the frige and be fine... Only, he's left and I discover, ta da, there is no roast beef in the frige any more /:-( Okay... fine, I'll eat the last of HIS summer sausage - ha-ha... Only, I see it's like old, really, really old... Fine! So I ate what was left of the smoked swiss cheese - HA-HA ~:-) Now, he calls and Quizons does not have the chicken taco salad any more??!!??!?!? Is there some sort of plot out today???? How can they just not have the chicken taco salad anymore? FINE! The Harvest Chicken Whatever... I'M JUST really hungry }:-(

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