Friday, May 9, 2014

May 8 2014 to the Mailbox

Thank you for those who do visit me here.  My eyes got all leaky to see your comments.  You know, I've got the best friends a soul could have.  Thank you.

Sometimes I do not go outside for several days at a time.  My schizo, I just can't make myself go out the door without a scene close to a cat and a washtub.  Well, most cats anyway :-) So, I'm trying to make myself at least walk to the mailbox everyday, starting yesterday.  I found taking my iPhone and pictures made it easier.  This was yesterday.  I'm still working on making it out there today :-)


  1. Taking pics is an awesome thing to do to keep you in the moment and focussed on what's around you. For me, my endless "hamster wheel" spinning brain will turn off and I'll just become more aware of my surroundings, looking for things that interest me--but not consciously thinking about what I'm doing, if that makes sense.

    So good for you! Keep it up, as much as you're able. :-)

    And if the mailbox is too much, try looking for macro shots either in or right around your front or back step and yard. You'd be surprised how interesting budding leaves can be, or patterns on a stone, or a colourful bug, etc.

  2. Fuzzy tails is right. Take micro steps and if taking photos in the macro setting or using a macro lens then try that. if you dont try you wont know what is possible. We are all here for you! ♥♥♥

  3. Hey Kwee

    Hoping you emerge from your house for longer and longer photo shoots. Thanks for all the jazz doodling love in April. But I have more to say on that later today. Be well my friend.


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