Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Therapy Escape

So, Daddy's Birthday on the 12th was kind of rough for me.  And the 13th was not a lot better.  Advice from my friends seemed the best so I escaped into my Arts.  I love pencil, or graphite, how it looks and all the tones and marks it can make.  I started experimenting with Conte Crayons.

The first one was done with just one color.

 This second one I used more of the colors in my little six-crayon tin.

They are like pastels, but have a little bit of oil in them.  I really like using them a lot more than I expected I would.


  1. Looks like they could be fun. It's supposed to snow (AGAin) on Sunday. Maybe I'll get out that 20 year old grown up coloring book I bought for "someday" and open the 10 year old crayons and sit down and color.

  2. love it! Graphite has always been my fave to work with (I used to ALWAYS draw) My Dad was well-known Editorial Cartoonist (Ray Osrin)........I was going to be an Art Major in college but moved away from it.


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