Friday, September 9, 2011

My First Poem

This is the first poem I have written. It's written from my kitties' perspective for my Mo Cats Post on Kwee Cats blog.

Our Mumsy had a little kitty...
One that was a stray...

Mumsy fed her, and loved her
and Miss Duchess decided to stay.
She is now matriarch, free with no pay
Here she rules all she may survey.

Domino was being abused by some children.
So, from them, Cat Daddy Junior took him away.
Domino decided this is a good place
to live, sleep and play.

Poor Oliver was tossed out, thrown away.
His pretty long fur matted with dirt and clay.
He was so sweet, Mumsy asked him to please stay
Now he gives her hugs every day.

Pungy was a tiny kitten, so small and all gray.
Mumsy loved her immediately
Little Punge and Cat Daddy Junior, every day
Love to play

Then, much to our dismay,
Little Pungy fell out of the window.
Mumsy cried till finally Pungy came home
In the family way.

Pungy had, after her foray,
Three little kittens that had a lot to say
As food dishes began to look like a buffet,
Mumsy's love did never sway.

Piewhackits, Sneaky Pie and Odysseus
Joined our family on their birthday.
As each furry life, to here found their way,
Our Mumsy said Mo Cats, Mo Cats! Are very okay!

Our Mumsy had a little kitty...
One that was a stray...


  1. Yep! That's a first poem alright.
    I loved it for the story it told.
    I am a cat person myself, so you couldn't go wrong for me. Not being a poet myself I can't dare criticise, but I can observe. You keep that up Kwee, and you will become known as the 'Grandma Moses' of poetry.

  2. Oh Kweeeeeee we love it!

  3. Cats do seem to build their little empires.

  4. :-)) very cute. Like how you began/ended with the same lines. Keep working at it - the trickiest bit is always the syllable count.

    If you're going in for poetry, I can suggest a site called the Poet's Parking Lot (sorry, my link in comment didn't work, but you can Google it). They are a great group, you can link your poem up, they give you prompts, and the other poets offer a wide range of poetic forms. I only wish I had the time to visit there more often. :-(

  5. :) All cats would so adore you for that!

    Join me at the Rule of Three Writers' Blogfest!

  6. where are you ??Missing you ..Sandy


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