Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Just 13 Thoughts, Random and Random-er

1. I am amazed at how to some people their pets become such true members of the family. And at how to some people they do not.

2. I have discovered, that when I am struggling with a book, but am being too stubborn to give up on it, listening to it as a audio book while reading along helps far more than I had thought it might. Decadent as that may sound.

3. There is STILL nothing better than iced sweet tea on a hot day.

4. I found a four leaf clover! Brought it inside, and my kitty Pungy ate it. Sooooo, she's the lucky one now... orrrrr she's my new good luck charm and I need to carry her with me from room to room - she is NOT going to the grocery store with me.

5. My son saw a test pattern in one of his video games and got all excited because it was one of the "old style" with the bulls eyes and the indian head... made like they did loooooong ago. Uh-huh, I felt as old then as I did when he got all excited because he'd read about 8-track tapes in his history book.

6. I was told, "Your ignorance is not my problem." My response was, "Your arogance isn't my problem either."

7. I have this friend who keeps referring to her "life changing event" and in writing or conversation she'll refer to something as being "before her life changed." But for the life of me, I have no idea what she is referring to. I absolutely cannot remember anything of any magnitude that ever happened to her, or ever "changed" her life to go in a new direction. I just don't want to have to ask, you know?

8. The odd people the next corner down have now put up a third fence. That now makes three rings of fence around their house. And it seems, I'm not the only one thinking they will never ever understand them.

9. I am learning some of the meme people are just like you and me, it's for fun, they are relaxed, and the point is the exchange of what we've written. While others are wound just a little too tight for my taste.

10. I like how everybody has their own style, their own form of time management and organization. It seems on these subjects, individuality really shows through. I'm still perfecting mine, and that's okay. I am, in the meantime, learning a lot about myself.

11. I am reading "The Blind Assassin" by Margaret Atwood. It's in participation with the 1book140 reading group on Twitter. That part is fun and pretty easy. But, at first, I really liked the book and the beginning went really fast. This week it's chapter 5 and I find I am really having to push myself through it. Yes, this is part of what started the whole audio book to listen to while I am reading it thing.

12. I cannot seem to grill good steaks. The outsides get hard. The inside is fairly okay, assuming you can saw your way through to it.

13. I have been trying meditation. And it is just great. I feel so good, so positive, so in balance after. Till somebody does something stupid...then I have to meditate all over again.

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  1. We are not pet people but inherited my son's dog, an outside dog that is as independent as we are, but she recently died and I was amazed at how much we miss her.

    Oh no! on #4. I found my first 4 leaf clover pressed in an old book I bought at a sale. The second I found in my brother's wallet after he died. A third one my friend found and gave to me. It feels like cheating to not have found it myself in the grass.

    # 7 is funny. I don't do grills


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