Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thirteen, #4

Thursday Things that Really Annoy Me

1.  People with OCD that complain about people with OCD.
2.  When I am driving and stopped at a corner waiting for a car to pass so I can turn, but they turn instead and NEVER signaled. I could have turned hours earlier if they had only let me know what they had planned long before getting to me.

3.  When a person at the register in a store cannot decide if they want to purchase "this" also, or not - so they go back and forth trying to decide.

4.  Something that got done, just to be finished with, that now has to be re-done because the time was not taken to do it right the first time.

5.  When sitting in a booth at a restaurant, the parent in the booth in back of me allows their child to turn around and hang over the back of the booth - that also being over my shoulder.

6.  When someone tries to make their problem my problem also.

7.  A dog on a leash that is allowed to stand a foot or so away, and bark at me.

8.  Dogs that come from another house to my house just to bark at me in my own yard.
9.  Sales representatives that really don't know a thing about what they are selling.

10.  Sales representatives that know waaaay too much about what they are selling.

11.  People who say they are going to do something, then don't. I'm reasonable, I realize stuff happens. I'm talking about... they played video games instead, or "just forgot." :-/

12.  Sales Representatives.

13.  When someone is really, really, really hungry - wants food right now - but has nooooo idea what they want to eat when I ask them.

Got 13 things on your mind?  Come list them here, Thursday 13


  1. Sales reps that don't know anything about the product they are selling are also annoying.

    I hate it when people take wide turns, like they have a right blinker on but then go left (to make a wide turn) which confuses me and can be dangerous.

  2. Oh, don't even get me started on negligent dog owners. The law says your dog should not bark at any time, day or night. The law here also specifically states that dogs should not be allowed to bark at or attack people or other dogs. And then there are those who do not pick up after their dogs... How I wish the management here would actually enforce those city laws! My blog

  3. LOL I think #13 goes hand in hand with kids. Happy T13!

  4. Me too! On all of them, though I do have some tolerance for sales people. It's the ones who suggest I change my lifestyle to suit their product that tick me off.

  5. I'm so with you on #5. I don't get mad at the kid, though. Like you, I blame my ire at the parent.

    BTW, I clicked on your picture of Baby Odysseus and he is sooo cute!

  6. Around here, that dish of "I don't know" is very common. Someone should open a restaurant by that name. It would probably be really popular.

  7. Funny- every week I think about doing this topic. I'm glad that you did it!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Great List. I share most.
    #5 & #7 are almost the same thing.
    Re #5: I like to wait until the people in the next booth are served, then I kneel on the seat, lean over & ask them how they're enjoying their meal, where they're from, do they come here often etc etc etc.

  9. Daisy's "mom" here:
    Number 5 drives me crazy, too! I usually turn around and give the parent a hard look, but I must not look that mad because they usually just ignore me or smile at me.


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