Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday 160

Quiet wind in the trees, the day is finally beginning to cool off. My mind, with the day slows down. Its been a good weekend. No tears. All ok.


  1. cooling off is for sure a good thing...and sounds like a good week overall...

  2. Kwee...
    This was most excellent.
    Please try it again next week a little earlier

  3. Great first effort on the 160 ~ no tears in a whole week? Boy, that would be a good one for me too :-)

  4. I can feel the tension being released as I read your Sunday 160. Thanks so much for playing along....better late than never.

  5. "No tears" - definitely a good thing. I prefer my weekends to follow that script as well. :)

    Great first 160 - hope to see you next week too!


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